Traveling to Learn a Language

Do not know what to do these holidays? Lately there has emerged the concept of “active holiday”, ie use the time off to do something useful and fun at the same time.

Learning a language is certainly a good investment for your career. No doubt it is a good investment for the future of children. What would you think of going somewhere on vacation with the whole family to learn a language ?

River Seine Paris
In the mornings, every adult would take a French course at a language school for adults , according to their language level. Also, each child would take his language course at a language school for children.

Blue LagoonPhoto Credit: Vera Venus

In the afternoon, both boys and adults, have recreational, tourism or sports, tailored to each age. For example, adolescents may test their skills on a climbing wall, while adults could go to museums curious of the ‘City of Light’. Each group will be accompanied by staff from their respective schools.

Additionally, they would have free time for the whole family where you could explore the place together, this time without supervision or coordination of the school. All would go to landmarks such as Eiffel Tower , the Champs de Mars , the Arc de Triomphe , the Seine , the Champs Elysees , among others.

At night, be hosted together, share dinner in a city known worldwide for its cuisine.
seem a dream trip … Stop dreaming! Make It Happen, these programs already exist in the agencies of the language courses abroad .

Galway, Ireland: family learn English in an environment full of nature

Of course there are long-term programs, which can be very high prospect of progress in the language of children. You can not expect your child to go to speak English as Obama after a few weeks of English course in America . However, these experiences with loved ones in a fascinating and fun school where young people of all nationalities, will make the kids work up an interest in the language, learn bases and, importantly, lose the fear talk. The same applies to adults. Within weeks, lose the fear to express themselves and be able to reach a basic level of communication that at least will help them travel the country without problem. On the other hand, if you have a more advanced level in the language, a few weeks in immersion are very useful in terms of development or reinforcement of fluency.

Noosa, Australia: Learn English with your family surrounded by a sea and spectacular sunsets

This concept of active holidays allow you to spend a good time, learning a new city, learn, share with your family and have fun to the fullest. The most popular languages โ€‹โ€‹of the family programs are the English , the French and German . Families can choose from all sorts of locations, from the beautiful beaches of Fort Lauderdale to the peaceful calm of Lake Geneva in Switzerland hanging around the Black Forest of Germany and tour England .

Of course, accommodation, airfares, insurance and visa arrangements for the whole family can also coordinate with an agency expert in family programs as ESL .

What you think of this idea of โ€‹โ€‹a vacation idea for couples?