Things To See In Cedar City Near Zion Canyon

Tracing and knowing your ancestral lineage up to prehistoric times is a great way to discover who you really are. The truth is that you cannot fully understand and identify who you are if you cannot relate with your ancestors who loved long before you. It was on this quest of self exploration and identification that prompted the recent urge of non Native Americans to trace the origins of their motherlands. However, it is not only in tracing your origins that would guarantee a self discovery and identity with your ancestral line, but it goes beyond by knowing who they were, what they did and how they lived. This justifies for why it is very important to preserve the remnants of the small primitive communities believed to have been occupied by our ancestors. These are just a few things I learned on our recent trip to get some Zion ATV photos.

Anasazi State Park Museum Utah is one of those structures that have been put in place to preserve the remnants of the Ancient Puebloan Community known as the Coombs site and is believed to have been home for about 200 people. It is estimated that the area was being occupied by this community for about three quarters of a century, which ranged from about 1160 AD till about 1235.

Anasazi State Park Museum Houses most of the thousands of artifacts and ancient collections that have been recovered by archeologist. The archeological excavations also unveiled up to 100 structures that is believed to have been home for the ancient dwellers, and which produced most of the artifacts that can be seen on display in the Park’s Museum. You can also get a variety of interesting and educative books at the museum relating to topics such as archeology, geology, Anasazi, and hiking among, others. You do not have to go home empty handed after a trip to Anasazi State Park Museum, as there are lots of souvenirs being offered such as Anasazi beans, magnets, pins and brilliant T-shirts.

If you wish to gather intelligence on ancient lifestyles and tools, then you should probably visit Anasazi State Park Museum. Apart from having a close view of the thousands of artifacts on display in the museum, you would have the opportunity to explore the Coombs Site just behind the museum, which used to be an actual settlement for the Pueblo people thousands of years ago. Jump back in time and be part of history as you explore the historic sites around Anasazi
State Park Museum and gather as much information as you can possibly get, because the park is ever full of surprises, as there is yet a lot to be recovered from the ruins.

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This State Park has no camping facilities, but visitors can make use of restrooms within and around the park. You can also enjoy a beautiful outdoor picnic in the provided picnic areas. Short interactive and educative hiking exercises are available, with occasional exhibition of pre-historic artifacts for visitors viewing. These are just few of many things to do in Cedar City.