Important Golf Equipment in Playing

Like any sport, golf requires that you have proper equipment to be able to play well. This article will give you an idea of basic equipment you’ll need to practice golf.

GolfePrimeiramente tacos, a fundamental object of golf is to practice the bat. In fact, there are three basic types of cue: woods (woods), irons (irons) and putters. Woods are used for long distance shots. The irons are used for medium shots and close distance to reach the green. The putter is used as the ball reaches the green. A player usually carries between 12 and 14 clubs in a set.

GolfeTambém balls, you will need a ball. The golf ball has between 300 and 400 concave depressions that are designed to provide more stability and reduce air resistance. Thus, the ball flies farther. The minimum diameter allowed for a golf ball is 42.67mm which cannot weigh more than 45.93g.

Behind the bag load their clubs during a game, you will need a scholarship. The bags come in various sizes and are made of various materials. A good rule is to buy the smallest bag that has enough room for everything you want to take space – clubs, balls, gloves, water bottle, tees, etc. If you intend to use often opts for a tough material. Check if the handle is reinforced and padded.

Shoes GolfeJá that golf requires you to walk a lot, it is important to purchase a good pair of shoes. The golf shoes are quite different from normal shoes because they are specifically made to walk in the fields, and especially on the greens. These shoes typically have small metal or plastic studs on the sole to help the player’s feet not to slip during the shot.

The golf clubs are made with modern materials and sophisticated techniques. In total, a player can be held until 14 bats.

The sticks with which you can hit harder and achieve greater distance are called woods , but today are no longer of this material, but steel or titanium. Three woods for long shots are usually carried. The golf clubs are designated by numbers. The higher the number, the greater the angle of inclination of the head. For the remaining strokes irons, of which takes nine or ten are used. All these styles are differentiated by the angle of their bases, which varies by suPalos Golf inclination to leave the ball thrown over horizontal paths or higher depending on the distance to the hole. Bats are more inclined wedges, receiving specific names as pitching wedge (45-48 °) or sand wedge (56 °), which is commonly used to get the ball out of the “sand trap “. Other common wedges are wedge gap (about 52 °) to cover the gap between the previous two or lob wedge (60 °) which helps stop the ball on the spot where it falls, without rolling beyond. Finally a club called putter to push the ball through a hole punch to putt on the green used.

The diameter of the golf ball must not be less than 42.67 mm and its weight greater than 45.93 g. Modern balls consist of a rubber bead core winding, to give elasticity, and an outer layer of plastic. The surface has small dimples (“Dimples “in English), about 360 and distributed regularly to provide stability to the ball in flight.

There are also tools that let you collect the falling balls to the lake, which are called reed.

Attire: Gentlemen must wear collared shirts and jeans are prohibited. Ladies should also wear collared shirts and prohibited both halter clothes like jeans.