How to Select Right Gemstone Even When Traveling

It is always ideal if you know how to properly select the right gemstone for you. Whether you are jewelry collector or just someone looking for a good jewelry piece, it is always best that you be able to choose according to your personal style. Do not just buy what’s popular; you have to maintain your uniqueness in order to really make yourself stand out. It’s hard, even last month when traveling to get an engagement ring St George, I had to make certain it was correct. You normally don’t think of traveling to find the right gemstone, but sometimes it’s a must. In that light, I suggest the following tips for selecting the right gemstone:

Diamond engagement ringPhoto Credit: N.J.Diamonds Diamonds

Develop Your Individual Style

First and foremost you must be comfortable with the gemstone you are going to choose. Like for example, choose a right length necklace, just perfectly sized to lay good around the neck. Dangling earrings feel comfortable, while bracelets and rings should not be loose.

Choose jewelry that defines who you are. In most cases, you should match your outfits with your fashion jewelry. There are pieces that can be worn everyday no matter what the occasion is. Price, durability, versatility and fashion; these are the factors that will certainly affect your purchasing decision.

Gemstone jewelries come in different colors, if you want to add a piece to your collection, try to go for a color that you do not have yet. Also consider your wardrobe and your available accessories. You should buy gemstone jewelry that will match well with you have in your closet.

Gemstone jewelry pieces should also be chosen based on your physical features like the shape of your face, the type of your body, the length of your hand and fingers, the color of your hair and eyes, your complexion and other specific characteristics. If you can match your gemstone jewelry with these factors, then you will be wearing a piece that is perfectly created for you.

Always Look for Quality

Style is something that should be determined and once that is established, your next step is making sure that you are buying top quality pieces. Gemstones, like diamonds are judged by color, cut, carat and clarity. Color is the most important factor therefore if your gemstone has better color, then it has better quality.

There are also Hot colors or Hot stone, and this will determine the price range of the gemstones. Some gemstones are judged by their origin location. Some gemstones are more expensive because they happen to come from a highly reputed region.

Quality is also determined through the gemstone setting as well. When buying gemstone jewelry check the position of the stone, it should be help securely by the metal. Prongs should be tight and strong secured. Check the polished metal and look for possible imperfections. Always turn over every piece, you should check every angle to ensure that you are paying for your money’s worth. Always check the clasps of necklaces and bracelets. If your gemstone jewelry has gold metal, look for the karatage and the trademark stamp. If a company stamp is there, this means that the company that made the piece is standing behind the high quality of their product. If you must get the best gemstone piece, travel, sometimes traveling for them is your best option.