Prejudice and Benefits of Technology

Is it a technology problem or solution?

This article aims to establish how it has evolved over the years the technology from the 90s onwards as that helped us? And as has also affected us in our daily lives? But mainly we should tell them how you take care of the consequences that will bring us over the years the technology.
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In recent decades we are witnessing a process of development worldwide in the number and complexity of diagnostic procedures and therapeutic demand of the population for health services and marketing surprise of human resources in the health sector.

This process is accompanied by the emergence of a critical current with respect to the organization of the sector and its benefits. Thus much of the biomedical research and public health Newest located. The level of analysis can be placed from the specific impact of a technique in cells of the human body, to the impact caused by the change in health policy regarding the use of health services.

The increase in costs is designated as the primary determinant would have stimulated interest in the industrialized countries in the research regarding the effectiveness and quality of health services.

According to the Office of Technology Assessment of the U.S. Congress (OTA) technology health as “drugs, medical and surgical devices used in health care and organizational and support systems within which it is defined that provides attention”.

While there are variations on the breadth of the concept of health technology, the most widely accepted concept involves a significant degree of specialization of health personnel involved in this type of benefits, as well as intensive use of equipment.

Note that according to some authors a large percentage of the health technology sector is generated from biomedical research, but results from the transfer of technologies that were developed outside the sector. In this sense mentioned: the laser, ultrasound, magnetic resonance and principal incorporating technology industry: computer.

In developing countries the use of technology model is affected by the characteristics of technology transfer, to the extent that local production is restricted to a small fraction of the total available


This article has to Establish how it has evolved over the years the technology has Helped us and That Also has Affected us in our daily lives, but mainly as a guard against the bad things That will bring us over the years the technology

Historically, technology has been used for essential needs (food, clothing, shelter, personal protection, social relationship, understanding of the natural and social world), for body and beauty pleasures (sports, music, hedonism in all its forms) and as means to satisfy desires (symbolizing status, making weapons and the full range of drugs used to persuade and dominate people artificial means), we can say that technology.

We live in a world where technology sets the pace of progress and patterns of life, in other words, we live in a world shaped by technology. In our everyday life and this due to the development of technology.

One of the great losses of the new technologies is that many times we forget about the people we have and dedicate them too much time on the computer, MSN … do not say no we use them but there are many people who are absolutely crazy about this.

They can create an addition, which if unchecked can become very serious when express written many misspellings language due both to the Messenger as committed. And also on the Internet you will find many files with virus or unpleasant information, not recommended for children under 18 years, where they can easily access and harm those head.

But looking for some benefits allow us to relate and communicate with people from other countries. Wide cultural diversity in a way.

It is a good source of information if used correctly. Overall the new technologies doesn’t only refer to the internet but also for example, nano materials, which has been very useful because they allow the manipulation of matter at the level of atoms and molecules.



In recent years we can say that technology has helped too humanity about medicine, and has found solutions to these diseases that previously had no cure, such as left a project that consists of a robot, controlled by a physician, may in the case of a disease such as a tumor, you just cut the affected cells and a tiny incision, i.e. no longer would scars and most importantly could save many lives , with this example. There are lots of new technologies that will enable us to surface and save thousands of lives. As for energy, and more efficient and cleaner production and storage systems are achieved.


But if we stop to think for a moment what this technology will bring harm to us? Well the answer to this question could say that before in offices, workers were forced to stand and walk to deliver information to colleagues at their desks, but only now just press a button on the computer. As a result, many people do not do this little exercise that could make daily during the workday. What causes obesity and poor physical condition?

Now look at other ways in which technology affects us:

- To have so many artifacts help people work less manually loses natural knowledge as traditional bleaching clothes, cutting some vegetables, etc.

- People who hang with internet or TV, for example, are physically isolated from many people.

- Means of transport used for all remaining time healthy walks, chance encounters with other people, more interaction.

- generates more unemployment because technology is replacing the modern man.


On the internet there are many files with virus or unpleasant information, which is not recommended for children under 18 years, where they can easily access. One of the great losses of the new technologies is that many times we forget about the people we have and dedicate them too much time on the computer , MSN … do not say no if we use them but there are many people who are completely absorbed in this. They can create an addition, which if unchecked can become very serious when express written many spelling mistakes are made because both language sms as Messenger.

And another problem is happening lately are the threats children face on social networks like MySpace and Facebook, for fear that older adults are using these popular sites to deceive and prey on children .

Most young Internet Network conceives as a tool attractions consultation. So it shows a study by the University of Navarra School 6,000 10 to 18 years. Nearly two in three (62%) recognize connect to download music and half (48%) to play, while only 12 % say surf -related information pages or media.

The preference of young people respond more idle content , according to the study, finding interaction and immediacy, if the “chats” and push mail. For example I jumped Xavier worked on the report, it is necessary to “adapt the system of education and protection” of young people in relation to the media, since the traditional system does not respond to this new communication framework created by new technologies.

“On TV, radio or press seeks to protect the audience, while the new media have not spectators but an audience that interacts” says I jumped, who believes that the mainstream media have to adapt to the Internet.


The emergence of technology in education has been universal, and that has helped students develop better learning in their training as a person and as intellectual these aspects have been present thanks to modern technology.

On the threshold of the third millennium, and in a society characterized by the development of information and communication through new technologies, the Internet is definitely a more substantial technological phenomenon. The internet has propelled with great force everything related to the world of computers, and at present the company offers a different way to access information and enable communication. Technological developments can today access vast information resources process and transform to provide support to the intelligence and memory of people. Technology is radically changing forms of work, the means by which people communicate and learn, and mechanisms to access services offered by their communities: transport, trade, and gradually also entertainment, education at all levels of age and profession. Within a few years the Computer will no longer felt alone. Internet will be the dominant partner, and Information Technology will be a mere mechanism. It is obvious that with the great expansion and acceptance that is having communication through Internet is obsolete isolated work of a person from your computer without access and communication with the rest of the community.