Getting Ready to Enjoy Off-Season Hiking

As the year commences, get prepared for the excitement of your first hike, especially if that hike is anywhere in southern Utah. This year we got a hotel in St George and then took off hiking all around southern Utah.

The excitement and adventure of being at the outdoors can make us forget the limitations due to an inactive winter season or a long spring break. With setting out simple adjustments in your normal routine during off-season, you may prevent yourself from being trapped in aches and injuries of the early season.

Snow Canyon State Park, UT

Photo Credit: bumeister1

Walk, refrain from driving.  Instead of driving, you can walk some of your everyday commutes turning this activity into good training. For better backpacking practice, you may walk the nearest supermarket and fill your backpack with groceries. Or you might want to consider walking the nearby park for a lunch or enjoying your snacks during company break time.

Fitness in bike. If there is time constraint in doing errands through walking, consider to ride a bike as an alternative of driving your car. In almost rural areas, riding a bike is a great way to avoid being stuck in a traffic jam. Always remember to wear a helmet and focus on the presence of other vehicles and pedestrians for safety.

Begin to stay fit. Prefer to take stairs rather than the elevator. Though most stairs are hidden in tall buildings as part of fire exit, it is a good idea to use them running up and down. This activity will improve your leg muscle strength as well as to keep your heart pumping. When you are in the actual trail, you will find this activity very useful especially in strengthening your legs.

Go for a few initial hiking tryouts. As starter, you don’t need to go out for longer trails. Take several hiking trips with less backpacking required that would only need to pack in the ten important things to get started. Once that your body is accustomed to hike in longer terrains would be the right time for you to set out on a weekend long getaway.

Additional activities to keep you fit. There are times when you choose to enjoy the outdoors on a winter season with country skiing and snowshoeing as your favorite hiking trails. To keep you fit with your lungs and heart in perfect shape for this type of hiking trip, try some indoor exercises like workouts on elliptical machines or jogging. Likewise, to make you flexible and prevent injury on actual hiking getaway, swimming and yoga are ideal fitness activities.

Trying these activities that would help to keep you in good shape and extremely fit for your first and ultimate hiking venture of the year.