Digital LCD screen

Alternative means of communication reaches a large number of people with fast, dynamic and persuasive information.

Institutional information, advertisements and more varied content gained a communication vehicle to reach your target audience: digital signage (Digital Signage) or indoor media (internal media) that uses the internet, radio or satellite to transmit content using specific software without interrupting programming for changing screens. - LCD Digital Signage / Advertising LCD Player
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The projection screens may have varied and LCD display or LED size. They are usually installed at strategic points, where people are forced to await, areas with high movement of people like airports, highways and shopping malls. Digital signage can also be used for corporate communication and is an excellent channel for internal communication to keep employees informed with news fast and easy assimilation.

The digital signage has been used to communicate, entertain and inform people. One example is the channel used in the subway cars of São Paulo which transmits news, weather, information and cultural institutional information.

This means of communication allows communication to be taken directly to the target audience; you can manage and monitor the information that is fast and objective. Besides being dynamic and involve the viewer.

In addition to the LED or LCD displays there is the alternative of film back-projection that can be used in open and closed environments at any time of day. The film can be found in gray or transparent colors, and should be selected according to the environment where they are applied.

The film projection can be adapted to any type of projector, but the test with the film should be performed prior to purchase to evaluate issues such as brightness and the best location for installation.

The only indication for the film is that it be applied to a surface that can be transparent glass or acrylic. In stores, the window may receive the application is made in a similar to what is done in cars process.

Besides the practicality films serve to create screens with minimum 70-inch, cheapening their cost compared to LED and LCD screens. The film can be used at home to create a sense of cinema, shops in creating digital showcase, at events and in waiting rooms with great flow of people.

The back-projection film presents some benefits like higher contrast, black levels are clearer projection, and shadows are not projected on the screen. It is compatible with all projectors that are hidden behind the screen. Projections are 10 times brighter and adapt well in bright environments and can be applied to the transparent surface.

Regardless of being used with projection, LCD or LED display screen, digital signage meets the dynamics of the daily lives of people who have no time to assimilate a lot of information or deepen them. It is a way to keep the audience on what you want to convey the message and still leave you with the feeling of being always informed with brief news and perishable.

How to clean LCD and LED fabrics

You know how to clean the LCD and LED TVs? With all the excitement over the new technologies arriving stores nationwide is difficult to imagine a Brazilian who has not thought about having an LCD or LED TV in the living room or even a thinner monitor to your computer.

Those who already have thin screen TV or monitor needs to be aware that it takes some special care for cleaning the product, for example , many people use the wrong products to clean them and it ends up leaving marks on the screen that are often irreparable.

Clean – screen – lcd- led
Before cleaning the screen make sure that the appliance is switched off. One of the first tips for cleaning LCD or LED screens is to use a coffee filter to clean computer screens and notebooks. The role of the filter is loaded elettronegativamente and dust that is on the screen is metal. So gently wipe the filter paper on the screen and check the result. The role will attract and wipe the screen gently and accurately and your computer will be clean.

And never touch the LCD or LED with fingers because they may be impregnated with dust and grease and even more difficult to clean.

You can also use a clean cloth to clean but a very soft cloth and lint. Dampen the cloth and wipe gently over the screen without pressing on it, thus avoiding scratches. But never pass over a wet or damp cloth. It has to be damp and gently move very carefully.

In specialty stores you can find products created especially for the cleaning of monitors, a great tip is to purchase these products suitable for this cleaning. By applying these products always put them in cloth and never directly on the screen.

Ideally you clean the LCD and LED as little as possible. If possible, keep these screens lapped or covered when not in use, cannot even look good but will preserve them clean longer and you will avoid damaging the display with excessive cleaning, because, even if that be careful with Over time you will notice that the monitor will begin showing marks after cleaning a few times, then prevention is the best solution.