Important Golf Equipment in Playing

Like any sport, golf requires that you have proper equipment to be able to play well. This article will give you an idea of basic equipment you’ll need to practice golf.

GolfePrimeiramente tacos, a fundamental object of golf is to practice the bat. In fact, there are three basic types of cue: woods (woods), irons (irons) and putters. Woods are used for long distance shots. The irons are used for medium shots and close distance to reach the green. The putter is used as the ball reaches the green. A player usually carries between 12 and 14 clubs in a set.

GolfeTambém balls, you will need a ball. The golf ball has between 300 and 400 concave depressions that are designed to provide more stability and reduce air resistance. Thus, the ball flies farther. The minimum diameter allowed for a golf ball is 42.67mm which cannot weigh more than 45.93g.

Behind the bag load their clubs during a game, you will need a scholarship. The bags come in various sizes and are made of various materials. A good rule is to buy the smallest bag that has enough room for everything you want to take space – clubs, balls, gloves, water bottle, tees, etc. If you intend to use often opts for a tough material. Check if the handle is reinforced and padded.

Shoes GolfeJá that golf requires you to walk a lot, it is important to purchase a good pair of shoes. The golf shoes are quite different from normal shoes because they are specifically made to walk in the fields, and especially on the greens. These shoes typically have small metal or plastic studs on the sole to help the player’s feet not to slip during the shot.

The golf clubs are made with modern materials and sophisticated techniques. In total, a player can be held until 14 bats.

The sticks with which you can hit harder and achieve greater distance are called woods , but today are no longer of this material, but steel or titanium. Three woods for long shots are usually carried. The golf clubs are designated by numbers. The higher the number, the greater the angle of inclination of the head. For the remaining strokes irons, of which takes nine or ten are used. All these styles are differentiated by the angle of their bases, which varies by suPalos Golf inclination to leave the ball thrown over horizontal paths or higher depending on the distance to the hole. Bats are more inclined wedges, receiving specific names as pitching wedge (45-48 °) or sand wedge (56 °), which is commonly used to get the ball out of the “sand trap “. Other common wedges are wedge gap (about 52 °) to cover the gap between the previous two or lob wedge (60 °) which helps stop the ball on the spot where it falls, without rolling beyond. Finally a club called putter to push the ball through a hole punch to putt on the green used.

The diameter of the golf ball must not be less than 42.67 mm and its weight greater than 45.93 g. Modern balls consist of a rubber bead core winding, to give elasticity, and an outer layer of plastic. The surface has small dimples (“Dimples “in English), about 360 and distributed regularly to provide stability to the ball in flight.

There are also tools that let you collect the falling balls to the lake, which are called reed.

Attire: Gentlemen must wear collared shirts and jeans are prohibited. Ladies should also wear collared shirts and prohibited both halter clothes like jeans.

Most Effective Travel Tips

If you are the types who have to travel a lot for work, you may have found that eventually you get tired of starting over after each trip and you end up throwing in the towel. That could be the summary of your sports background.

The only way to avoid new beginnings is not to abandon the exercise definitively bury the happy phrase “I start on Monday” And in your particular case, you must make travel opportunities to continue to improve , to take even longer when you’re at home for exercise.
Travelling by Ferry on Brisbane River-11=
Photo Credit: Sheba_Also
Here we give basic advice to consider when making the most physical performance to the truth, so do not forget to put them in the suitcase.

Select hotel with fitness center: its book, if you have the opportunity to book your own hotel yourself, try to have a gym. This at first seems “crazy” makes it increasingly more people , so the hotel gyms , they are ceasing to be small spaces with a multifunction machine and four Cardio machines, to become an authentic full gym .

If you have not booked you, and when you get to the counter and ask if they have a gym and you say no, do not worry, in most Spanish provinces of municipal facilities will find an equal or better quality than private schools where entry is usually around 5 €, get in touch council web and looking for the nearest .

Manage your time: If you are traveling you will usually do it for pleasure or work, both must find your time between half and one hour to devote to you, your health. This is necessary because normally travel is usually let go meals. If you are traveling for pleasure, you will have less trouble finding the time. But if you are traveling for work, you must, at the end of the day, and move calzarte shoes. Clearly your classmates want to take you out to dinner or reeds, but you wait, all good things to those who wait, and when they accompany, I assure you will enjoy much more than dinner.

Lightweight material on suitcase: We agree that we carry weight in travel is a plus roll uncomfortable and limited travel in aircraft. So my advice is to get you a lightweight shoe. In the market there increasingly are shoes that are known by the name of flying and its main characteristic is that they are very light , not that they are called flying because you can carry on the plane, is because being lighter offer less resistance the corridor. Also, you can put rubber training, weigh as little as occupy and have the advantage that if you use it does not need anything else to say you have a gym. The easily find in supermarkets.

Gyms on line: the hotel will have Wi-Fi, and if you travel for work, have a computer, and if you have this, or simply a mobile 3g have a gym. There are many pages on the Internet with an online gym, where there are classes that you can enjoy anywhere. Look for them.

10 Tips to travel by car and do not leave the road

The year -end holidays are an excuse to give away many wonders for us a few days of vacation to make a trip to our vehicle. It is obvious that to make the trip enjoyable depends largely on the state of the car. If we take the appropriate corrective arrive at our destination smoothly and discomfort, enjoying a nice walk.

The cars have different mechanical and electrical systems , which we review in a specialist workshop at least a week before embarking on the trip, so that if we find any damage be enough to repair without altering our calendar time :

1. Battery:
Examine the condition of the terminals and battery terminals and give it cleaning if dirty or sulfated, so have a good electrical contact. Check the water in the respective cells and check more water if needed. If the unit is sealed visit a sales center to inspect battery charging. Go to the place where you bought it.

2. Brakes
Check out the brake fluid reservoir and check that the level is at the maximum limit allowed. Examine hoses and look for leaks. If liquid has more a year is better than it will replace.

3. Lamps
Make sure exterior lights are in perfect condition and when you step on the brake pedal the tail lights of the stops (brake lights) must be ones and front – rear direction – have to illuminate intermittently to the right and left, the headlights must be turned on to play the position of high and low, and these must be set correctly to avoid dazzle drivers traveling in the opposite direction.

4. Oil
Examine the oil level dipstick and be sure to check the manufacturer’s recommended level. It is also important that you do an oil change as directed by the vehicle handbook. Remember to do this check before traveling.

5. Tires
Measures air pressure front and rear tires and are inflated confirms that according to the statement by the manual. Inspect tires for wear and rotate them do to check if they have unusual wear, which may indicate a misalignment or other mechanical defects.

When wear is below where you can see a solid bar of rubber across the width of tread, it is time to replace the tire. Another simple test performed to measure the depth of wear on your tires. When the tire tread depth reaches 1.6 mm is time to visit your tire supplier.

6. Wipers
Keep the windshield clean completely because the driver needs to have optimal visibility at all times. Moreover, it is extremely important that you not only clean the front glass but also the sides. Checks that the water tank is full and wipers, the wipers are in good condition.

7. Side Mirrors
These mirrors should be adjusted by the driver himself, moving the side mirrors outward until you can see the road on both sides of the road , without displaying the sides of the car , eliminating blind spots and getting a broad and clear vision back and sideways .

8. Load
The luggage of travelers must be located in the trunk, but if that is not enough, the wisest suggestion is to place a proper trailer or install a grill on the car roof by a licensed model car provider driving. You should never leave any loose objects in the interior, as they can cause serious injury in the event of a collision when thrown out without any control. – About

9. Spare Key
The loss of the key is more common than you think, for this reason we recommend that you make a duplicate of it, and if possible give it to a trusted person traveling with you.

10. Passengers
You must not carry more passengers than the manufacturer’s manual indicates. It is important that the driver obey the legal stipulations, which states that children under 10 should always be located in the rear seats.

Prejudice and Benefits of Technology

Is it a technology problem or solution?

This article aims to establish how it has evolved over the years the technology from the 90s onwards as that helped us? And as has also affected us in our daily lives? But mainly we should tell them how you take care of the consequences that will bring us over the years the technology.
Miles Technologies table
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In recent decades we are witnessing a process of development worldwide in the number and complexity of diagnostic procedures and therapeutic demand of the population for health services and marketing surprise of human resources in the health sector.

This process is accompanied by the emergence of a critical current with respect to the organization of the sector and its benefits. Thus much of the biomedical research and public health Newest located. The level of analysis can be placed from the specific impact of a technique in cells of the human body, to the impact caused by the change in health policy regarding the use of health services.

The increase in costs is designated as the primary determinant would have stimulated interest in the industrialized countries in the research regarding the effectiveness and quality of health services.

According to the Office of Technology Assessment of the U.S. Congress (OTA) technology health as “drugs, medical and surgical devices used in health care and organizational and support systems within which it is defined that provides attention”.

While there are variations on the breadth of the concept of health technology, the most widely accepted concept involves a significant degree of specialization of health personnel involved in this type of benefits, as well as intensive use of equipment.

Note that according to some authors a large percentage of the health technology sector is generated from biomedical research, but results from the transfer of technologies that were developed outside the sector. In this sense mentioned: the laser, ultrasound, magnetic resonance and principal incorporating technology industry: computer.

In developing countries the use of technology model is affected by the characteristics of technology transfer, to the extent that local production is restricted to a small fraction of the total available


This article has to Establish how it has evolved over the years the technology has Helped us and That Also has Affected us in our daily lives, but mainly as a guard against the bad things That will bring us over the years the technology

Historically, technology has been used for essential needs (food, clothing, shelter, personal protection, social relationship, understanding of the natural and social world), for body and beauty pleasures (sports, music, hedonism in all its forms) and as means to satisfy desires (symbolizing status, making weapons and the full range of drugs used to persuade and dominate people artificial means), we can say that technology.

We live in a world where technology sets the pace of progress and patterns of life, in other words, we live in a world shaped by technology. In our everyday life and this due to the development of technology.

One of the great losses of the new technologies is that many times we forget about the people we have and dedicate them too much time on the computer, MSN … do not say no we use them but there are many people who are absolutely crazy about this.

They can create an addition, which if unchecked can become very serious when express written many misspellings language due both to the Messenger as committed. And also on the Internet you will find many files with virus or unpleasant information, not recommended for children under 18 years, where they can easily access and harm those head.

But looking for some benefits allow us to relate and communicate with people from other countries. Wide cultural diversity in a way.

It is a good source of information if used correctly. Overall the new technologies doesn’t only refer to the internet but also for example, nano materials, which has been very useful because they allow the manipulation of matter at the level of atoms and molecules.



In recent years we can say that technology has helped too humanity about medicine, and has found solutions to these diseases that previously had no cure, such as left a project that consists of a robot, controlled by a physician, may in the case of a disease such as a tumor, you just cut the affected cells and a tiny incision, i.e. no longer would scars and most importantly could save many lives , with this example. There are lots of new technologies that will enable us to surface and save thousands of lives. As for energy, and more efficient and cleaner production and storage systems are achieved.


But if we stop to think for a moment what this technology will bring harm to us? Well the answer to this question could say that before in offices, workers were forced to stand and walk to deliver information to colleagues at their desks, but only now just press a button on the computer. As a result, many people do not do this little exercise that could make daily during the workday. What causes obesity and poor physical condition?

Now look at other ways in which technology affects us:

- To have so many artifacts help people work less manually loses natural knowledge as traditional bleaching clothes, cutting some vegetables, etc.

- People who hang with internet or TV, for example, are physically isolated from many people.

- Means of transport used for all remaining time healthy walks, chance encounters with other people, more interaction.

- generates more unemployment because technology is replacing the modern man.


On the internet there are many files with virus or unpleasant information, which is not recommended for children under 18 years, where they can easily access. One of the great losses of the new technologies is that many times we forget about the people we have and dedicate them too much time on the computer , MSN … do not say no if we use them but there are many people who are completely absorbed in this. They can create an addition, which if unchecked can become very serious when express written many spelling mistakes are made because both language sms as Messenger.

And another problem is happening lately are the threats children face on social networks like MySpace and Facebook, for fear that older adults are using these popular sites to deceive and prey on children .

Most young Internet Network conceives as a tool attractions consultation. So it shows a study by the University of Navarra School 6,000 10 to 18 years. Nearly two in three (62%) recognize connect to download music and half (48%) to play, while only 12 % say surf -related information pages or media.

The preference of young people respond more idle content , according to the study, finding interaction and immediacy, if the “chats” and push mail. For example I jumped Xavier worked on the report, it is necessary to “adapt the system of education and protection” of young people in relation to the media, since the traditional system does not respond to this new communication framework created by new technologies.

“On TV, radio or press seeks to protect the audience, while the new media have not spectators but an audience that interacts” says I jumped, who believes that the mainstream media have to adapt to the Internet.


The emergence of technology in education has been universal, and that has helped students develop better learning in their training as a person and as intellectual these aspects have been present thanks to modern technology.

On the threshold of the third millennium, and in a society characterized by the development of information and communication through new technologies, the Internet is definitely a more substantial technological phenomenon. The internet has propelled with great force everything related to the world of computers, and at present the company offers a different way to access information and enable communication. Technological developments can today access vast information resources process and transform to provide support to the intelligence and memory of people. Technology is radically changing forms of work, the means by which people communicate and learn, and mechanisms to access services offered by their communities: transport, trade, and gradually also entertainment, education at all levels of age and profession. Within a few years the Computer will no longer felt alone. Internet will be the dominant partner, and Information Technology will be a mere mechanism. It is obvious that with the great expansion and acceptance that is having communication through Internet is obsolete isolated work of a person from your computer without access and communication with the rest of the community.

Digital LCD screen

Alternative means of communication reaches a large number of people with fast, dynamic and persuasive information.

Institutional information, advertisements and more varied content gained a communication vehicle to reach your target audience: digital signage (Digital Signage) or indoor media (internal media) that uses the internet, radio or satellite to transmit content using specific software without interrupting programming for changing screens. - LCD Digital Signage / Advertising LCD Player
Photo Credit: stephen_mail2002
The projection screens may have varied and LCD display or LED size. They are usually installed at strategic points, where people are forced to await, areas with high movement of people like airports, highways and shopping malls. Digital signage can also be used for corporate communication and is an excellent channel for internal communication to keep employees informed with news fast and easy assimilation.

The digital signage has been used to communicate, entertain and inform people. One example is the channel used in the subway cars of São Paulo which transmits news, weather, information and cultural institutional information.

This means of communication allows communication to be taken directly to the target audience; you can manage and monitor the information that is fast and objective. Besides being dynamic and involve the viewer.

In addition to the LED or LCD displays there is the alternative of film back-projection that can be used in open and closed environments at any time of day. The film can be found in gray or transparent colors, and should be selected according to the environment where they are applied.

The film projection can be adapted to any type of projector, but the test with the film should be performed prior to purchase to evaluate issues such as brightness and the best location for installation.

The only indication for the film is that it be applied to a surface that can be transparent glass or acrylic. In stores, the window may receive the application is made in a similar to what is done in cars process.

Besides the practicality films serve to create screens with minimum 70-inch, cheapening their cost compared to LED and LCD screens. The film can be used at home to create a sense of cinema, shops in creating digital showcase, at events and in waiting rooms with great flow of people.

The back-projection film presents some benefits like higher contrast, black levels are clearer projection, and shadows are not projected on the screen. It is compatible with all projectors that are hidden behind the screen. Projections are 10 times brighter and adapt well in bright environments and can be applied to the transparent surface.

Regardless of being used with projection, LCD or LED display screen, digital signage meets the dynamics of the daily lives of people who have no time to assimilate a lot of information or deepen them. It is a way to keep the audience on what you want to convey the message and still leave you with the feeling of being always informed with brief news and perishable.

How to clean LCD and LED fabrics

You know how to clean the LCD and LED TVs? With all the excitement over the new technologies arriving stores nationwide is difficult to imagine a Brazilian who has not thought about having an LCD or LED TV in the living room or even a thinner monitor to your computer.

Those who already have thin screen TV or monitor needs to be aware that it takes some special care for cleaning the product, for example , many people use the wrong products to clean them and it ends up leaving marks on the screen that are often irreparable.

Clean – screen – lcd- led
Before cleaning the screen make sure that the appliance is switched off. One of the first tips for cleaning LCD or LED screens is to use a coffee filter to clean computer screens and notebooks. The role of the filter is loaded elettronegativamente and dust that is on the screen is metal. So gently wipe the filter paper on the screen and check the result. The role will attract and wipe the screen gently and accurately and your computer will be clean.

And never touch the LCD or LED with fingers because they may be impregnated with dust and grease and even more difficult to clean.

You can also use a clean cloth to clean but a very soft cloth and lint. Dampen the cloth and wipe gently over the screen without pressing on it, thus avoiding scratches. But never pass over a wet or damp cloth. It has to be damp and gently move very carefully.

In specialty stores you can find products created especially for the cleaning of monitors, a great tip is to purchase these products suitable for this cleaning. By applying these products always put them in cloth and never directly on the screen.

Ideally you clean the LCD and LED as little as possible. If possible, keep these screens lapped or covered when not in use, cannot even look good but will preserve them clean longer and you will avoid damaging the display with excessive cleaning, because, even if that be careful with Over time you will notice that the monitor will begin showing marks after cleaning a few times, then prevention is the best solution.

Good Points and Inconvenience Digital Signage Displays

There is no doubt that the coexistence between different individuals, laws try to balance those actions that cannot be overcome by the individuals themselves. So that if someone has a difference of some action of another person or institution may submit your complaint to a third party (a judge), in this case by a procedure previously agreed and interpretation of laws, finally gives a resolution for or against the request.
Digital Signage
Photo Credit: Sun Group

We are currently considering that this is the most accepted method to resolve differences. However it is noteworthy that there is no perfect legal system, so there is a chance that this fails incorrectly. The decision of a judge is based on evidence that has been taken throughout the process and generally wants them to come to a scientific process for their livelihood.

Particularly within the legal proceedings one of the most important decisions is to demonstrate the identity of a person. This procedure can be found in verifying the authorship of documents. For example to find if a document was issued by an individual, the relationship between the document and the individual legally established in the handwritten signature.

For decades the handwritten signature has served to identify the authorship of documents; however this firm since their invention has resulted imperfections. Some of these are false, and the process of signature verification. Despite this the handwritten signature has served as the most accepted method for verifying the identity of a person.

The company itself has two releases, the action and the action of signing signature verification. For the first it is enough that an individual can write their name (rubric), or a particular set of characters and lines. This firm is not authorized by anyone in general, appears in the documents of identity such as a passport of the person who wants to identify with that signature and such signature is legally binding worldwide.

The action of the verification of the signature, is more complicated, however, in practice is done without care. We can see this process every day to cash a check or buy with a credit card. The process of signature verification is usually performed visually, i.e., the bank teller just compare the signature on the check with another that is in some ID or you do right there, and thus accepts or rejects signature, i.e., accept or reject the identity of the signer of the check.

For more difficult cases, a firm may be subjected to a verification procedure in litigation. This verification is ordered by a judge to say that the visual process is not enough to declare the signature cone accepted or rejected.

This procedure leads to just an expert (an expert) in signature verification. Although there is no global standard for accurately determining the signature is authenticated, the method is based on a series of tests that check the characteristics of the lines that are associated with each individual. Such characteristics are for example, the thickness of line, the inclination of the characters used, the termination of the character, the curvature of the lines, etc.

The handwritten signature is considered a biometrics, i.e. an own physical characteristic of each individual, and these moves marked characteristic signature.

As documented, with more than 75% of the tests are positive, then an expert can declare a signature as accepted. Likewise the number of tests is subjected to a firm is determined by the expert and depends on your experience in the field. These methods have been refined over time, but many of them do not correspond to deterministic methods, and rely heavily on the experience of the expert. The same groups of experts acknowledge that these procedures may have a probability of error that can reach 20%. So, that we have a procedure for verifying signature with probability of error.

It is also prudent to mention that such methods have been used for many years and therefore is naturally complicated and difficult to think that other technology can replace this shortly.

Just mention our main topic is the new technology that can replace the handwritten signature, and has been called digital signature.

In the year 1976 two American researchers discover what is called public key cryptography, and because of this, digital signature. In 1978 R. Rivets, Shamir, and L. Adelman of MIT propose to today most use digital signature method, called RSA.

This method in principle obeys the same principles as the handwritten signature, i.e., has a firm action and one signature verification. Before going to detail the method we can say that in this case the process of the signature verification is accurate, and is virtually impossible to have fakes.

As a method of explanation first mentions what is the digital signature, then give some of the advantages compared to the handwritten signature, and finally mention some of the disadvantages also. It is also prudent to mention that many of these advantages and disadvantages relate to the particular laws of each country.


Digital Signature

The digital signature is a procedure used to sign documents, particularly those documents must be in digital form, i.e., must be able to be viewed as sets of bits (zeros and ones), which are the basic elements which means any process or a computer. As mentioned earlier, there are procedures for signing and signature verification.

The first consists of the following: a document M is associated uniquely H a string of constant length (160 bits, or 20 characters). Then this string representing the document is associated with an integer (currently 1024 bits, or 128 digits), and applies a formula that depends on a parameter called the private key. The outcome of applying this formula also is a 128 digit number, which is called S, and is therefore S is the digital signature of the document M. Before proceeding we stress that this procedure depends on the private key. This private key must be associated uniquely individual way, and must be kept secret for this individual. If the private key is compromised, there is a method to unsubscribe to this private key and acquire another.

Once we sign a document, if we separate the document and signature M S. This couple is required to submit to a process of signature verification. The method of verifying the signature is to apply to the document M, the same process that associates the unique bit string H 160.

Following the signature S (1024 bits or 128 digits), is subjected to the inverse formula (signature) that is dependent on another key call public key. The result of this application is inverse function must be the same number of 1024 bits, which was submitted at the beginning of the first formula, and then from here the associated 160-bit string is retrieved and must be exactly H equal to the single chain of 160 bits. Thus the signature is accepted if the result of the latter formula is equal to the string of 160 bits obtained in this procedure.

This shows that the process of signing and signature verification, are accurate because they depend on mathematical formulas that have only a single result. This is the process of signature verification is accurate.

Moreover we also deduce that in order to forge the signature of a document we would guess a 128-digit number, it is virtually impossible to make.

On the other hand we also note that each individual should have a pair of keys, a private key (used to sign) and a public key (used to verify the signature).

This key pair must be associated uniquely to each individual, and the private key must be kept from his confidential setting, i.e., only the owner should have access to it, otherwise the public key is associated with this private However the public key must be available to any individual. The public key in practice is contained in an electronic document called a Digital Certificate.

Advantages of digital signature

Therefore, the first and foremost advantage of digital signature compared to the handwritten signature is that the verification procedure is accurate and it is practically impossible to counterfeit.

Another advantage of the digital signature is its portability, i.e., the digital signature can be performed in different parts of the world simultaneously and without witnesses.

A third advantage of the digital signature is that it can be compatible with current electronic devices. That is, the process of signing and verification are programs that can be stored on any processor contained on a smart card, a PDA, a Note Book, on a PC, etc.

Disadvantages of digital signature

Perhaps the most significant disadvantage of current digital signature against the handwritten signature is that the former is not legally valid even in many countries. Apparently this is due to a natural transition to this new technology; therefore there is reluctance in acceptance despite the great benefits it provides.

Another visible disadvantage of digital signatures is that their safety depends on the private key, that is, if the private key is compromised for any reason, then the security of the digital signature is committed, this means that can be used by unauthorized individuals and events.

A further disadvantage is that the digital signature is changing as technology advances, and this makes certain documents may be compromised. So you have to create methods to prevent this.

Finally we give a conclusion about it. Trying to be more positive in the case, and considering most reviews that have appeared in this regard we can mention that the digital signature will have a gradual acceptance in the financial and commercial processes mainly. In this transition both digital signature and handwritten coexist for a long period. Regarding the use of one or another firm, it is prudent to consider that technology should be used and exploited, therefore must consider the digital signature as the most viable alternative, and gradually take this technology to the new procedures generally make use of computers. Leave only for legally disabled, the handwritten signature cases.

On the other hand it is noteworthy that not only the digital signature appeared in the last 25 years of digital technology, we have the same issues with legal processes, we have Digital Notaries, attesting to the creation of documents or facts technology very similar to the digital signature. Also a forensic computers involved in crime analysis, and investigation of crimes using computers.


Digital signage display and technology

It is also known as Digital Media Indoor Media Digital out of Home, Digital Signage or MDOOH that innovates advertising your brand or company, leading to where the target audience is.

Modern and dynamic, digital signage has come to stay and help companies of all branches grow. Through the use of images, videos and animations, digital out of home media gives order to the good part of the outreach role in reducing the environmental impact and making your company more bold and attractive to customers.


Digital signage displays is present at all sites, facilitating communications with the public and with suppliers, employees and managers. For customers, the indoor digital media offers fast and affordable information and content, since it offers, advertisements, reports, messages and promotions can be fully disclosed within the various establishments. Save time and please your customers: make your information more clear and organized.

Provide wellness and entertainment to the public in queues and waiting rooms. The indoor digital media assists in the process of brand loyalty, because it connects your company to comfort, modernity and concern for the customer.


For internal corporate communications, digital signage has revolutionized the scope of the dialogue between the company’s employees. Through tools such as Corporate TV , for example , it is possible to standardize the content and guide relevant to the work of an entire enterprise environment matters – is a micro enterprise or a conglomerate with branches in any state .

Finish with emails not arriving, radio – pawn and confusion of information at once: digital signage is safety in the transfer of content with 100 % transmission via Internet and easy management.

Digital signage can be used in all types of enterprises and businesses, such as:

Pharmacies, Hotels, Supermarkets, Diners, Chain stores, Beauty salons, Lottery,  Airports, Bookstores, Convenience stores, Bakeries, Restaurants, Dealers, Department stores, Cooperatives, Plants, Franchises Churches, Road, LED panels, Laboratories, Industries, Banks, Fairs and events



Use the DIGITAL OUT of home media to invest in advertising itself or third parties. You can convey your brand in large concentrations of public, such as shopping centers, cinemas, supermarkets, airports, buses and elevators. It may also, within his own establishment, vehicle third-party advertising to increase your income. The possibilities are endless and the return is guaranteed.

Check out the advantages publicity transmitted in digital indoor media.


The Player TV offers digital signage software with the best value in the market.

Through the intersection of interests and the target audience of your business with the technology of our products, we offer your company the ideal solution for digital signage.