Bathroom Safety for the Elderly

Bathing and using the restroom are amongst the most challenging issues in giving care to older adults. When my mother experienced a health crisis, I had come to realize about these concerns. Her two bathrooms at home confined her from being independent in bathing and toileting. With this, I really have to do the basics like installing raised toilet seat, clearing the room for scattered rugs and getting shower seat for walk-in shower. I learned regarding bathroom specifications for elders when my Mom moved to a care retirement community. She greatly enjoyed the place especially her spacious bathroom provided with grab bars all over, various lighting types and no-threshold shower. If you can’t take them to an elderly care facility, then do the best you can with these ideas.

Elderly Couple
Photo Credit: Akash_Kurdekar

The market these days offers a wide range of selections for bathroom equipment to suit the needs of our elders specifically their safety. Remodelers and home builders have developed bathroom nowadays which could be designed with toilets, showers and tubs intended to meet the needs of old aged adults. And it is exciting to know that to consider all these items do not require much of your budget.

If you are planning to take an immediate need for remodeling or just wanted to replace some old bathroom fixtures to suit the needs of your elders, I would recommend you to check out some of the innovations in the market. In this article, I will be sharing some of the good items I have viewed in local showrooms.

Below are a few items I have viewed which I stress because of their functionality, benefits and the product description itself.

1.            Tubs. There is a variety of options when it comes to tubs and there are differentiating factors to consider when choosing. This time may come with an open-in or out door in which case the one with an open-out door is advisable especially to elders with mobility issue. Also, it is necessary to choose a type that easily fills and drains. I have viewed a model which fills within 4 minutes with heated seat. I have also seen another model which has a hydraulic lift. Some of the features would include quick drain feature, bench-less design and easy-transfer automated door that rises to close and lowers to open which allows the user to exit in seconds rather than minutes. And when I asked about the price, its $12,000. This may sound a lot of budget but taking into account the nursing care you need to spend for almost $75,000 within a year. This bathroom equipment is a great especially to elders to stay at home while ease from burden for caregivers as well as resolving safety problems of falling, slipping or risk of having injuries.

2.            Showers. Facilities in senior care communities should adhere with the requirements set by the American Disability Act (ADA) and homeowners can have it as guide. The structural constraints of home and bathroom and the person’s mobility are amongst the two factors that need to be considered. Some of the outstanding features that need to be embraced are single lever faucet, built-in shower seats, flexible shower and grab bars. One of today’s new features offer a zero threshold shower base which provides flush, integrated trench drain that is leveled with the floor to prevent water from overflowing in the rest of the bathroom area.

3.            Toilets. Recent innovations have been applied to toilets nowadays. There are toilets designed for large persons with a toilet seat of 19” side to side. Also, a taller toilet comes available. One of the most popularly used these days is the bidet toilet which unit features a panel to control water temperature, spray pressure and drying. This unit requires electricity for its operation. The bidet seat and toilet is amounting to almost $3,000 and can be bought as attachments. This type of toilet has become widely used and more suited for elderly.

If you have elderly parents, I hope that the article would help you in completing the best bathroom equipment for your aging parents to offer them the support and promote safety, quality of living and independence to them.


Getting Ready to Enjoy Off-Season Hiking

As the year commences, get prepared for the excitement of your first hike, especially if that hike is anywhere in southern Utah. This year we got a hotel in St George and then took off hiking all around southern Utah.

The excitement and adventure of being at the outdoors can make us forget the limitations due to an inactive winter season or a long spring break. With setting out simple adjustments in your normal routine during off-season, you may prevent yourself from being trapped in aches and injuries of the early season.

Snow Canyon State Park, UT

Photo Credit: bumeister1

Walk, refrain from driving.  Instead of driving, you can walk some of your everyday commutes turning this activity into good training. For better backpacking practice, you may walk the nearest supermarket and fill your backpack with groceries. Or you might want to consider walking the nearby park for a lunch or enjoying your snacks during company break time.

Fitness in bike. If there is time constraint in doing errands through walking, consider to ride a bike as an alternative of driving your car. In almost rural areas, riding a bike is a great way to avoid being stuck in a traffic jam. Always remember to wear a helmet and focus on the presence of other vehicles and pedestrians for safety.

Begin to stay fit. Prefer to take stairs rather than the elevator. Though most stairs are hidden in tall buildings as part of fire exit, it is a good idea to use them running up and down. This activity will improve your leg muscle strength as well as to keep your heart pumping. When you are in the actual trail, you will find this activity very useful especially in strengthening your legs.

Go for a few initial hiking tryouts. As starter, you don’t need to go out for longer trails. Take several hiking trips with less backpacking required that would only need to pack in the ten important things to get started. Once that your body is accustomed to hike in longer terrains would be the right time for you to set out on a weekend long getaway.

Additional activities to keep you fit. There are times when you choose to enjoy the outdoors on a winter season with country skiing and snowshoeing as your favorite hiking trails. To keep you fit with your lungs and heart in perfect shape for this type of hiking trip, try some indoor exercises like workouts on elliptical machines or jogging. Likewise, to make you flexible and prevent injury on actual hiking getaway, swimming and yoga are ideal fitness activities.

Trying these activities that would help to keep you in good shape and extremely fit for your first and ultimate hiking venture of the year.

Traveling to Learn a Language

Do not know what to do these holidays? Lately there has emerged the concept of “active holiday”, ie use the time off to do something useful and fun at the same time.

Learning a language is certainly a good investment for your career. No doubt it is a good investment for the future of children. What would you think of going somewhere on vacation with the whole family to learn a language ?

River Seine Paris
In the mornings, every adult would take a French course at a language school for adults , according to their language level. Also, each child would take his language course at a language school for children.

Blue LagoonPhoto Credit: Vera Venus

In the afternoon, both boys and adults, have recreational, tourism or sports, tailored to each age. For example, adolescents may test their skills on a climbing wall, while adults could go to museums curious of the ‘City of Light’. Each group will be accompanied by staff from their respective schools.

Additionally, they would have free time for the whole family where you could explore the place together, this time without supervision or coordination of the school. All would go to landmarks such as Eiffel Tower , the Champs de Mars , the Arc de Triomphe , the Seine , the Champs Elysees , among others.

At night, be hosted together, share dinner in a city known worldwide for its cuisine.
seem a dream trip … Stop dreaming! Make It Happen, these programs already exist in the agencies of the language courses abroad .

Galway, Ireland: family learn English in an environment full of nature

Of course there are long-term programs, which can be very high prospect of progress in the language of children. You can not expect your child to go to speak English as Obama after a few weeks of English course in America . However, these experiences with loved ones in a fascinating and fun school where young people of all nationalities, will make the kids work up an interest in the language, learn bases and, importantly, lose the fear talk. The same applies to adults. Within weeks, lose the fear to express themselves and be able to reach a basic level of communication that at least will help them travel the country without problem. On the other hand, if you have a more advanced level in the language, a few weeks in immersion are very useful in terms of development or reinforcement of fluency.

Noosa, Australia: Learn English with your family surrounded by a sea and spectacular sunsets

This concept of active holidays allow you to spend a good time, learning a new city, learn, share with your family and have fun to the fullest. The most popular languages ​​of the family programs are the English , the French and German . Families can choose from all sorts of locations, from the beautiful beaches of Fort Lauderdale to the peaceful calm of Lake Geneva in Switzerland hanging around the Black Forest of Germany and tour England .

Of course, accommodation, airfares, insurance and visa arrangements for the whole family can also coordinate with an agency expert in family programs as ESL .

What you think of this idea of ​​a vacation idea for couples?

How to Select Right Gemstone Even When Traveling

It is always ideal if you know how to properly select the right gemstone for you. Whether you are jewelry collector or just someone looking for a good jewelry piece, it is always best that you be able to choose according to your personal style. Do not just buy what’s popular; you have to maintain your uniqueness in order to really make yourself stand out. It’s hard, even last month when traveling to get an engagement ring St George, I had to make certain it was correct. You normally don’t think of traveling to find the right gemstone, but sometimes it’s a must. In that light, I suggest the following tips for selecting the right gemstone:

Diamond engagement ringPhoto Credit: N.J.Diamonds Diamonds

Develop Your Individual Style

First and foremost you must be comfortable with the gemstone you are going to choose. Like for example, choose a right length necklace, just perfectly sized to lay good around the neck. Dangling earrings feel comfortable, while bracelets and rings should not be loose.

Choose jewelry that defines who you are. In most cases, you should match your outfits with your fashion jewelry. There are pieces that can be worn everyday no matter what the occasion is. Price, durability, versatility and fashion; these are the factors that will certainly affect your purchasing decision.

Gemstone jewelries come in different colors, if you want to add a piece to your collection, try to go for a color that you do not have yet. Also consider your wardrobe and your available accessories. You should buy gemstone jewelry that will match well with you have in your closet.

Gemstone jewelry pieces should also be chosen based on your physical features like the shape of your face, the type of your body, the length of your hand and fingers, the color of your hair and eyes, your complexion and other specific characteristics. If you can match your gemstone jewelry with these factors, then you will be wearing a piece that is perfectly created for you.

Always Look for Quality

Style is something that should be determined and once that is established, your next step is making sure that you are buying top quality pieces. Gemstones, like diamonds are judged by color, cut, carat and clarity. Color is the most important factor therefore if your gemstone has better color, then it has better quality.

There are also Hot colors or Hot stone, and this will determine the price range of the gemstones. Some gemstones are judged by their origin location. Some gemstones are more expensive because they happen to come from a highly reputed region.

Quality is also determined through the gemstone setting as well. When buying gemstone jewelry check the position of the stone, it should be help securely by the metal. Prongs should be tight and strong secured. Check the polished metal and look for possible imperfections. Always turn over every piece, you should check every angle to ensure that you are paying for your money’s worth. Always check the clasps of necklaces and bracelets. If your gemstone jewelry has gold metal, look for the karatage and the trademark stamp. If a company stamp is there, this means that the company that made the piece is standing behind the high quality of their product. If you must get the best gemstone piece, travel, sometimes traveling for them is your best option.

Traveling for the Perfect Jewelry Metals

There are many metals used in jewelry making and learning a few things about them will enable you to know which will be the best for you. And sometimes you just have to travel to find that perfect jewelry, that’s what me and my fiance had to do recently to find the best St George wedding bands. If you are going to purchase a jewelry piece and you can’t decide on whether you want gold, silver or a platinum one, then you must first read the following information:

What you need to know about Metals in Jewelry?

The most popular metals used in jewelry making include; gold, silver, platinum and titanium.

14K 1.00 Carat Round Cut Solitaire Diamond RingPhoto Credit: Patrick Chia

·       Gold

Gold is always the number one choice, either for men or for women. Many women love their gold jewelries because they simply sparkle and they are good as fashion jewelries. Royalties have gold jewelry collections and they are so proud of them. Men buy their women gold rings for engagement and wedding purposes. Women love wearing gold earrings, necklaces bracelets and brooches. Gold is simply everywhere. Pure gold is too soft though to be used as jewelry that is why used of other metals are necessary. Therefore even the most expensive gold jewelry in the world cannot claim that it is made of pure gold.

·       Silver

Silver is another metal popularly used for jewelry making. It is also soft as gold, but is it more affordable and it has wider availability. More and more people are now going for sterling silver jewelries not just because of lower costs but some say that silver looks better on their skin. That is true in a way, because the whiteness and the sparkle of silver match any skin tone. Silver jewelries are recommended for everyday use, and this metal is not usually the choice for wedding and engagement rings.

·       Platinum

Platinum is a white-colored metal very much similar to silver and it is the most expensive metal in the world. Being more expensive, platinum is considered as a prestige choice and often preferred now by the rich and famous, just like gold was the choice of centuries ago. Platinum is commonly used for rings; men’s, ladies’, engagement and wedding. But it is not good for other jewelry kinds like necklaces and bracelets.

·       Titanium

Titanium is also almost white with silver and grey shades and it is the hardest natural metal every mined from earth. It is also stronger that all the above mentioned metals. It is lightweight though making it ideal for jewelry. Titanium is also a purely hypoallergenic metal, which will not cause any harsh reaction for your skin. This metal is the popular choice for men’s rings and women’s earrings.

There are other metals that are used for jewelry making though not very common. Stainless steel is a very affordable choice but they do not rank high when people are thinking of long lasting piece that can be passed as heirlooms.

When it comes to popularity, gold is probably still on the top of the list. The reason for this is that despite the increasing popularity of platinum, its price deters the common people from obtaining them. Silver on the other hand, may be affordable, but it does not present the glamour that gold naturally possesses. These are just some of the things you need to be aware of when traveling to find the perfect wedding band.

Guide For Best Rental and Vacation

In times of Isabel II started afforestation with pines, primarily pinyon and Aleppo, currently the most common of the park. There is also almond, especially bitter, and acacias, common especially near Francos Rodriguez Street.


In the humid valleys appear poplars, ash and elm. In the garden areas are pissardii cedars and plums. The substrate is mainly composed shrub thickets, broom, rosemary and blackberries, among others.


La Dehesa de la Villa has a large variety of birds, have been sighted in her more than 70 species of birds, making it a jewel in every park in Madrid. Neighbors and users perceive it as a real forest within the city.


Drug Addiction Assistance Unit of the City of Vigo (CEDAR) officially started its operation in March 1985, with a team of professionals from months earlier had begun to organize and develop and dependency on assistance from council itself. The move to specific facilities in Uruguay Street marked the formal start of the activity called Preventive and Healthcare Center of Addictions (CEDAR). In 1990, a new location change set the stage leading to the present by the occupation of a building in Calle Pintor Colmeiro No. 9, built specifically for this type of care service, with sufficient and appropriate spaces. Since then, the team and activity have been increasing up to the amount held in recent years.


On the current situation, we can say that group rates cedar city utah  develops an active and extensive work in the field of drug addiction, which covers:


The provision of specific treatment programs for drug addicts.

Coordination with other institutions and administrations for emergency social assistance and social integration process abusers.

The activity on the environment to meet, motivate treatment and reduce damage consumer groups outside the health care network.

Participation in coordination and organization levels in our local area (Local Plan and other Addictions Addictions Vigo) and regional (Galicia Drug Plan).


Target audience


The area covered population includes residents registered in the municipalities of Vigo, Nigrán, Gondomar and Bayonne.


In our center served, free and by appointment, the demand for treatment of any disease related addictive substance use, except the only alcoholic.

Bryce Canyon National Park, southwestern Utah


The completion of the treatments is free and voluntary, except in those cases where alternative compliance demands a penalty or any other method mediated by a court judgment, in which the constraint conditions of freedom are determined by the judge. Minors require parental consent expressed or guardian.

What I Learned on a Zion Jeep Tour About Creating a Sustainable Environment

It may sound funny thinking and learning about creating a sustainable environment with a garden, while on a Zion Jeep tour but that’s where it happened. We were spending some time on the tour when someone from New York began talking to us and this is what I learned…

Being surrounded by thick plants {and beautiful [Flores]} can be refreshing. That can make a lively and fresh look on the outside space. But if you live in the city, a space in the garden is something you would like to have. People living in high-rise condominiums offer only small terraces and certainly could not Planting large trees on them. Some shrubs, herbs and flowers may be possible.


Living in the upper floors, concrete floors will have no land to grow some plants. Even if the lower part of the building is awaited concrete layer on the ground into outer space. With all concrete floors and tiles in place, it seems impossible that these inhabitants of the city to put green thumb to work. But there’s no cedar planters that these people can use the city.

A cedar planter can be used to keep the plants in place. It can be filled with soil and then people can plant flowers or shrubs that are in season. Homeowners in cedar city can grow a small garden on the terrace of your apartment or condo. With the help of a container of cedar, you can now get some rosemary or basil from their deck.

The flowers and shrubs that contains give life to the exterior spaces of the city houses. It would be a complete relief to get out and see the green thriving there. With the fog enveloping the city air, it is important that you have plants around the offer with the cooler air. For more info you can visit at cedar city info.

The cedar planter also make a big difference in outer space. It will bring a bit of charm on the empty patio or porch. Planters can be availed in gorgeous designs that beautify any outdoor space. They can be placed on the floor or can be installed outside the windows or on the rail. The city houses look fantastic with these outdoor accessories instead.

A mansion with a renaissance air that conjures the villas of Tuscany, and it is a unique and charming place, surrounded by a magnificent garden with cedars, from which it takes its name. Affording easy access to the M-30, just 10 km from the airport and 4 IFEMA fairgrounds.

Cedar City Fire History


It offers rooms decorated differently, in a warm and cozy with special attention to detail. The exquisite restaurant is divided into three rooms. Also, enjoy the summer terrace and garden while enjoying Mediterranean cuisine based on traditional recipes with innovative elements. It also has rooms for meetings or events and an English bar.

Things To See In Cedar City Near Zion Canyon

Tracing and knowing your ancestral lineage up to prehistoric times is a great way to discover who you really are. The truth is that you cannot fully understand and identify who you are if you cannot relate with your ancestors who loved long before you. It was on this quest of self exploration and identification that prompted the recent urge of non Native Americans to trace the origins of their motherlands. However, it is not only in tracing your origins that would guarantee a self discovery and identity with your ancestral line, but it goes beyond by knowing who they were, what they did and how they lived. This justifies for why it is very important to preserve the remnants of the small primitive communities believed to have been occupied by our ancestors. These are just a few things I learned on our recent trip to get some Zion ATV photos.

Anasazi State Park Museum Utah is one of those structures that have been put in place to preserve the remnants of the Ancient Puebloan Community known as the Coombs site and is believed to have been home for about 200 people. It is estimated that the area was being occupied by this community for about three quarters of a century, which ranged from about 1160 AD till about 1235.

Anasazi State Park Museum Houses most of the thousands of artifacts and ancient collections that have been recovered by archeologist. The archeological excavations also unveiled up to 100 structures that is believed to have been home for the ancient dwellers, and which produced most of the artifacts that can be seen on display in the Park’s Museum. You can also get a variety of interesting and educative books at the museum relating to topics such as archeology, geology, Anasazi, and hiking among, others. You do not have to go home empty handed after a trip to Anasazi State Park Museum, as there are lots of souvenirs being offered such as Anasazi beans, magnets, pins and brilliant T-shirts.

If you wish to gather intelligence on ancient lifestyles and tools, then you should probably visit Anasazi State Park Museum. Apart from having a close view of the thousands of artifacts on display in the museum, you would have the opportunity to explore the Coombs Site just behind the museum, which used to be an actual settlement for the Pueblo people thousands of years ago. Jump back in time and be part of history as you explore the historic sites around Anasazi
State Park Museum and gather as much information as you can possibly get, because the park is ever full of surprises, as there is yet a lot to be recovered from the ruins.

Cedar City, Utah 7

This State Park has no camping facilities, but visitors can make use of restrooms within and around the park. You can also enjoy a beautiful outdoor picnic in the provided picnic areas. Short interactive and educative hiking exercises are available, with occasional exhibition of pre-historic artifacts for visitors viewing. These are just few of many things to do in Cedar City.

The Best Hotels in Cedar City

Located in the heart of the city of Cedar hotel has served business and leisure travelers for quite some time. The five-story building of 3,000 square meters designed by the Uruguayan architect Eladio Dieste has a shopping center on the first floor and a room on the top floor with panoramic city views. The budget rooms, standard and superior are available in single, double, twin, triple and quadruple. All rooms come with air conditioning, cable TV and Wi-Fi. The helpful staff can arrange laundry services and the hotel has ample parking and a conference center. The conference center, which can be accessed independently by the mall’s first floor has a lobby, meeting rooms for up to 120 guests, secretariat, terrace, kitchen and audio visual equipment. There is also a meeting room for up to 20 people within the hotel property.
Morning Glory Room
With a fabulous location in the Downtown Kolob Canyons Visitor, This business of Cedar City hotels will make you feel like a king thanks to features such as bedding high quality in the room. The area boasts numerous attractions including Southern Utah University and Utah Shakespeare Theater. Services include ballroom.

This hotel has its own restaurant serving lunch and dinner varied and appetizing recipes. Whether traveling to the United States of America for business or pleasure if you do, you can relax in its many facilities including jacuzzi, gym and sauna. Go for a swim in the seasonal outdoor pool at this hotel, you will feel like new! You can also enjoy your favorite drink at the bar or lounge.

During your stay you can use the free internet connection, cable or Wi-Fi. Planning a meeting? In this hotel you can rent a business center open 24 hours and its conferences or meetings rooms with audiovisual equipment. You can also benefit from banquet facilities and catering. If you want to use the free newspapers, safe, TV, or have a cup of coffee in front of the fireplace, go to the lobby. You will also find airport shuttle (round trip), free parking, local newsstands, dry cleaning, air conditioning in public areas and laundry facilities.

10 Tips for a Happy Backpacking

1. Choose the right walking shoes
The key is finding the perfect-fit shoes. Key points to check: the grip, foot support, waterproofing, moisture transfer, comfort and cushioning. Base the correctness of the shoes depending on the activity..

For a short hike or a quiet walk, comfort is emphasized. The shoes recommended are those of low cut or mid-high and are fairly light. For more rugged terrain (trekking, off-road), choose shoes with mid-high rod and lugged outsole. It offers a very good foot support and superior cushioning. Moreover, it allows the feet to breathe.

Finally, for hiking, opt for shoes with high cuts, those that are waterproof. When buying shoes, do your fittings in the evening when your foot is slightly swollen, tired and susceptible, such as the state of your feet upon hiking.

2. Choose the right socks.
Walking with socks that are inappropriate may give way to friction and blisters. Avoid sports socks that are low end, without preformed or acrylic heel.

Cotton is soft, supporting strong perspiration but has no bad materials like wool. It is not recommended for hiking all day. The cotton / polyester or wool fibers are a good compromise.

If your hike takes place over several days, carry with you several pairs of socks. Another handy tip: remember to sleep with the socks you will wear the next day.They will then be dry and warm.

3. Choose the right clothes
Touring professionals advise wearing 3 layers of clothing on the upper body: An “undergarment” such as a T-shirt or a shirt made ??of synthetic fibers. The goal: to absorb and wick away perspiration. Avoid cotton. A second layer to keep warm: sweater, fleece jacket, and the like. The fleece allows the body to
breathe better and are lighter than wool. A raincoat. Forget the traditional windproof and breathable ones. The idea is to be equipped with a jacket in GoreTex� or a similar material (albeit a bit more expensive than wind breaks “coated”: Expect a minimum of 120 euros). Pants. Jeans are not allowed. Instead, choose pants or capris in spandex, “water resistant” (so that water flows rather than entering) and those which strengthens the buttocks.

4. Use a backpack
The first question to ask is the volume of things you will bring. The bags with a capacity of 30 to 40 liters are suitable for a short hike (day or half day).

For longer walks for a few days, you should take a bag of 50 to 70 liters. If you go with a small bag, make sure it has padded shoulder straps to avoid pain. Bags of more than 35 liters are equipped with these type of straps, toe straps of charge and a padded hip belt.Generally, the height of the back can be adjusted. Choose the ones that offer the best organization of storage. : Side pockets, ventral, or lower outside compartments, etc. Concerning the weight that a hiker can carry, it is widely believed that the maximum load of the backpack should not exceed 20% of the weight of the person bringing it.

5. Bring food and drinks
During physical exertion, the body draws heavily on its reserves. Hence, the importance of regularly replenishing the body with carbohydrates is a must. Do not hesitate when hiking to have breaks to refuel. To do this, slip into your bag some cereal bars, fruit pastes, sugar, condensed milk cartons or
dried fruit. Obviously, your body will also need to be hydrated. The ideal is to drink 500 ml per hour, taken regularly every 20 minutes (150 to 200 ml or 5-6 sips). You can alternate water and sports drink. However Avoid ice water, which can cause a very upset stomach.

6. Make walking sticks
More and more walkers are equipped with sticks. What are its benefits? How to choose? Walking sticks are useful on rough roads. Downhill, they allow the hiker to relieve his knees. Uphill, they help to better support the weight of the backpack, in order to spread the load. It is advisable to use two sticks, not just one, to promote body symmetry and prevent back pain or joint pain. On flat ground, sticks are not necessarily required. Moreover, they also serve to work the upper body. The sticks can be cumbersome when you go to places in which you must use your hands to climb. Hence it is important to choose retractable or collapsible batons, which can be stored in the backpack (not rigid sticks, more recommended for Nordic walking on uneven terrain little).
To choose the length of the sticks, here is an easy operation: 0.7 x your height. About its composition, the ideal is obviously the carbon ones. Downside: it’s quite expensive. The fiberglass can be a good compromise between quality and price. Finally, when you buy your clubs, make sure the handle is adapted to your hand. Prefer rubber grips or cork-rubber alloy for added comfort. Avoid plastic, which will make you sweat.

7. Local orientation of what to bring
A map and compass With a map and compass, there is no risk of being lost. The simple plate compasses are positioned directly on the map. Their reading is favored by a magnifying lens incorporated therein. Nearby accommodations like Cedar City Hotels can help make your backpacking activity more fun, convenient & memorable.

The GPS – This instrument cannot substitute for good map reading. But it is still very convenient, though. A GPS (Global Positioning System) exchange radio signals with at least three satellites are dedicated to the system. The coordinates of a point measures the distance to the satellites (on average between 10 and 12 satellites) and applies the principle of triangulation. The altitude, latitude and longitude are calculated with extreme accuracy (10 meters maximum margin of error). The proposed National Geographic Institute maps is expanding, and its activity also offers DVDs and hiking GPS. The Internet has tested for it the Evadeo of IGN .

Carol backpacking through India.

8. Bring first aid kit
It is useful to have a first aid kit. The essential elements to carry around are: a disinfectant, a lot of bandages, eosin, the elastic adhesive tape (Elastoplast � style), a pair of small scissors, tweezers (for removing splinters), a soothing ointment against insect bites, an arnica cream, painkillers. Moreover, people who follow a specific treatment – asthmatics, diabetics or those who are allergic – should bring their usual medications. You can also provide a survival blanket.

9. Checklist of what to bring
Write a check list a few hours or days before the start of the hike. This will prevent you from forgetting anything.

To go serenely on one day, make sure you have thought to put this equipment in your bag (and print this list):
- Sunglasses
- A hat or cap
- A gourd (or rigid form of Camel bag)
- Sun cream
- A rain jacket
- A sweater
- Cereal bars, dried fruit, sandwiches
- A trash bag
- At least 1.5 liters of water
- Walking sticks
- A map and compass
- A mobile phone (charge)
- A knife
- A flashlight with batteries
- A first aid kit
- A guidebook, a map, compass or a GPS
- Paper and pencil
- Laces of shoes
- Toilet paper or paper towels
- A camera (for the memories!)

If your trip lasts several days, remember to have:
- A tent, mattress and sleeping bag
- Socks and clothes
- Food for several days
- A stove
- A lighter or matches
- A toiletry bag

10. Final checks
Check your insurance each year, accidents involve hundreds of times for accidents on hikes. No one is exempted from the possibility. Before leaving, check if your insurer does support expenses related to an accident as part of a hike. Check the weather Hiking can quickly become a nightmare if the weather is bad. Storm, torrential rain, fog cut with a knife. To know what awaits you, remember to review the bulletins on the Internet or by phone.